BlastAI Technology Roadmap: Leveraging LPU for Voice AI Development

Phase 1: Foundation and Early Integration (Q1 2024)

  • LPU Technology Assessment: Evaluate and select the most advanced LPU technologies suitable for voice AI applications, focusing on performance, scalability, and integration capabilities.

  • Infrastructure Setup: Establish the core infrastructure of BlastAI, integrating text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and natural language processing components into a seamless pipeline.

  • Initial LPU Integration: Begin the integration of Groq API into the BlastAI Tech, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

  • Developer Toolkit Release: Launch an initial set of development tools, including APIs and SDKs, enabling selected developers to start experimenting with our platform.

  • $BLAST Token Launch on Ethereum Network

  • Community Engagement Initiatives: Develop and launch initiatives aimed at fostering a vibrant community, including hackathons, workshops, and community group for sharing best practices and collaboration.

  • Initiate a targeted campaign to onboard KOL's in the tech and AI fields, leveraging their influence to promote BlastAI and increase platform adoption.

Phase 2: Advanced Testing and Optimization (Q2 2024)

  • Launch of the Audit and Security Agents feature.

  • Introduce a comprehensive benefits program for $BLAST token holders, including staking rewards, early access to new features, and voting rights on platform developments.

  • Performance Optimization: Optimize the performance of the LPU within the BlastAI ecosystem, focusing on reducing latency, improving accuracy, and enhancing the user experience.

  • Forge partnerships with leading tech companies, Voice AI communities, and academic institutions to enhance the BlastAI ecosystem and bring added value to our token holders.

  • Implement additional incentives for $BLAST holders, including tiered rewards based on holding duration and contribution to the ecosystem.

Phase 3: Full-Scale Deployment and Expansion (Q3 2024)

  • Full LPU Deployment: Complete the deployment of LPU technology across the BlastAI platform, ensuring all voice AI features are powered by state-of-the-art processing units.

  • Global Provider Network Connection: Expand our connections with global voice AI technology providers, enhancing our platform's capabilities and service offerings.

  • Advanced Development Tools: Release advanced tools and features for developers, including custom LLMs (Large Language Models), custom voices, and more, to enable the creation of sophisticated voice applications.

Phase 4: Revenue Share Program and Community Building (Q4 2024)

  • Launch Revenue Share Program: Implement a revenue share program, distributing profits back to the developer community, incentivizing innovation and growth within the BlastAI ecosystem.

  • Expand Product Suite: Regularly introduce new products and services based on emerging technologies and community feedback, ensuring BlastAI remains the go-to platform for voice AI development.

  • Global Expansion: Expand our presence globally, establishing BlastAI as the worldwide standard for voice AI development infrastructure.

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